Friday, November 08, 2013

Holiday TuTu Dress - Do it Myself?

So my six year old daughter goes to a school where "certain" mothers dress their girls (who are usually about a year and a half apart) in the same outfit, with the same hairstyle and the same shoes. And for some reason she thinks this is the greatest cutest fun thing ever. She finally got a sister (three months ago) and loves the idea of dressing like twins. Anyway the baby is in 3-6 month size and my tall beautiful girl is a 7 slim. There is nothing in the world of retail (that I have found) where you can buy the same outfit in these sizes. Its just totally impossible. They do both have jeggings that are the same style but this is not enough for my daughter.

I happen to be blessed with family that can sew but of course there is hardly ever any time for sewing custom clothes to humor my daughter. Matching Holiday Dresses seems like an excellent idea.  Etsy has tons of made to order really cute little tutu dresses.  Here are a couple of my Favorites:
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So I could order a lovely dress for each child and spend 100-200 hundred dollars. That is a little outside my Holiday Dress Budget this year. So I went toPinterest and added diy to my search and I found about a hundred blogs on how to make a cute Tutu dress, for about 10-20$ worth of supplies. This is definitely closer to my budget.

 I love this one,  she is starting with a dress and adding the tutu to it.
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But I don't have two dresses that match already for the girls so this is not an economical choice. 

And then I found this one:

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Is it just the super adorable girl, or is this the cutest dress ever? Yeah I thought it might be the super adorable girl, I think this particular tutu will not be quite as cute on my four foot tall six year old. I love that she used the tulle for the straps.

So I will make that design for the baby, and this design for the Six year old.
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I think the only real difference in these dresses is that on the older girl, the dress is not so full. They will of course be in matching christmassy colors, I am thinking ruby and pale green.

Updates to come.

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