Thursday, October 03, 2013

Organization Ideas to implement TODAY!

Thursday usually feels like a recovery day for me as Wednesdays are even more busy than our normal chaotic hectic life. My Wednesdays often start at 4:30 or 5:00 am (earlier if I am feeling whiney) and often end around midnight. It is one of those days with lots of obligations, school for the kids and a class in the evening for the husband, along with catechism for the oldest, and running obligations (admittedly I just changed that from Wednesday to Thursdays). That doesn't even count any cooking, cleaning or errands that get done as they come up.

So naturally yesterday I didn't do any cleaning, and today my house looks like a tornado tore through it. It makes me pretty unhappy that my children make such a big mess in such a short time. The house was tolerably clean on Tuesday.  This morning I loaded the dishwasher and switched the laundry. I also put away the peanut butter, cooking spray, bread, etc that got left on the counter Wednesday. This made the kitchen livable. Although I still need to do the floors. I HATE SWEEPING, MOPPING, and VACUUMING! I try to give these jobs to my husband or kids as often as possible. But they really make a huge difference in how clean the house feels so if anyone has tips to make these chores less of a chore I would LOVE them.

I still need to pick up about a million things in the living room, scrub the dining table, vacuum, fold and put away clothes and pick up about 50 pieces of masking tape that my one year old tore off of my front door.  This doesn't include the disasters in their bedrooms.

I want to have the kids clean as much as possible so I have been searching pinterest for ways to help them clean up and ideas they can do to help keep the house cleaner everyday.

Here are some ideas I found:

Painted Toy Bags
I have a bunch of soft Toy Boxes for the kids, today we will use this inspiration to paint each one with pictures of the toys that belong inside, I can see one with a car, one with balls, one with a doll, one with animals. I hope this helps the boys actually put things away, but if not at least it will be really cute.

Cardboard drawer Organizer
We all have one of those crazy messy junk drawers that we dump everything that doesn't have a place into. At our house we call it "dad's tool drawer" and it is primarily everyday tools that aren't kept in the shed, like the hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape. Lately it has been spilling into the drawer next to it, that is not cool. I have tons of cardboard in my recycling, I think i can find some pieces to fit the junk in the drawer and make it stay in one drawer that closes without any trouble.


I know what you're thinking only two new ideas. But I still have to do laundry and vacuum, and I feel that goals should be realistic.

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