Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Haunting my Kitchen

Lately there have been the cutest paper skulls eating my fruit, stealing the butter, and drinking my coffee. Continuing with my neon theme this year I loaded my printer with neon green before printing...and I think they came out amazing. I love to continue the Halloween decor inside the house, even if it is only in small details.
This adorable paper skull is number 72 from skulladay.com . He took me about twenty minutes to cut out and assemble. I love the moving jaw, I love that the whole thing is made from one sheet of paper. I just happened to have some neon green paper on hand. These could also be painted and would probably last a lot longer if made with card stock but I didn't have any on hand.  This skull was a little too difficult for my six year old to create by herself, she was able to make it with a little help. It was way too hard for my younger boys.

These beautiful sugar skulls came from Lorna Love they are super easy to make, it took me about ten minutes, my daughter was able to cut, fold, and glue these with no assistance, and the younger boys each made one with a little help. They are super fun super cute and i bet they would be amazing filled with little candy as a special halloween gift for family or maybe the kids teachers. I especially loved the glittered version from her website, I may need to cover one of mine in glitter. 

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