Friday, February 20, 2009

This time around...

Last Time I was Pregnant...
It was my first pregnancy
I read what to expect... cover to cover
Every complaint I had, my midwife said it was normal
I had serious withdrawls from caffiene whe I switched from a huge amount to almost none
I craved Ice Cream at three am (repeatedly)
I wanted peanut butter during a snow storm - I got peanut butter during the snow storm
I was petrified of labor
I was naseous for nine months
I was more in love than I ever thought possible

After the Pregnancy:
I thought my daughter was  the most beautiful thing in the world
I couldn't sleep I was revved up about it all being over
I felt instantly better, ten minutes later all the trouble of pregnancy totally gone
I couldn't believe how much it hurt when she nursed
I was so happy and then so sad, and then somewhere in the middle
I would never have made it through the first night at home without my mom's help
I was more in love than I ever thought possible

This time around... I want to do things better than last time, I will spend most of the pregnancy the same (hopefully not as sick) but I won't be afraid of labor because I remember how awful it was. I know now that I can handle it. I will try to exercise more, I did this a little last time but I want to be more dedicated to it this time. I won't let the pregnancy sickness or tired days limit my playtime with Sophia. She will still get as much attention as possible. She and I are working on her big girl things so that there will be (fingers crossed) no digression when the baby is born. I will let her help with the baby as much as she wants to and is capable (who says two and a half isn't old enough to feed with a bottle). I will put the baby on a schedule (last time it was on demand and not good for me) I will not let the baby nurse to sleep after the first month. I will make him/her sleep in his/her bed from the beginning ( I will have to get up but the sleep I do get will be better quality) and I will be once again more in love than I ever thought possible .


Lindsey said...

Great post! :-)

I was petrified of labor too... but I know I can survive it for the next time around (whenever that may be). I was in denial during labor, though - I kept telling my husband I couldn't do it and nothing was happening. I truly didn't believe anything was happening. Except pain, of course.

I can definitely see the whole newborn stage going easier, too - I worried incessantly about having my daughter on a schedule, about letting her nurse to sleep, etc - it was so nerve-wracking! Not that I don't agree with you there, but for her it didn't work until she got a little older (now she's on a schedule, halleluliah!). I think I can lighten up on it all and just enjoy it for the next time around. And I did have her in her own bed the whole time and I'm glad! I would never sleep with the whole co-sleeping thing.

How far along are you? :-)

Lindsey said...

Oh by the way! I think you can fix the "undefined" thing on your blog (where the date should be in the post) by changing the formatting settings (Timestamp) to this format: "Friday, February 20, 2009".

Not that you asked. lol Sorry. :-)

Disordered Mom said...

Thanks so much, I was going to fix it as soon as I had time to figure out why it did that.

I am just barely three months, and very excited already

ciara said...

it's funny, i never once was petrified of labor. maybe if i had known i had pre-eclampsia and a crappy doctor w the first one, then maybe. i won't tell you the story cos you're scared as it is. hehe

my oldest was 10 before i had the next one, and then the youngest came two years after. i enjoyed being pregnant all 3 times despite nausea w last 2 and pre-eclampsia w the 1st.

it's amazing how much in love w fall w them even before they're born :)